Session options

We are living in a time where observing social distancing regulations is the norm. The way that I provide my services has evolved to accommodate my clients.

Sessions are conducted over the phone as well online.

Phone calls

For clients that feel comfortable speaking over the phone only, sessions can be held using normal telephone calls or through apps such as Whatsapp. Generally consultations are held over the phone to begin with regardless.

Video Calling (Phone/tablet/computer)

Though the physical environment and setting of how we work has changed, face-to-face sessions are still a viable option through aps such as whatsapp, and Zoom. Video calling is a preferred modality for some clients and is Group sessions can also be facilitated via Zoom, and whatsapp. As above some clients prefers one mode of communication over another and both are options that I am happy to facilitate. I am more than happy to accommodate my client’s needs and requirements in regards to sessions.